Wooden billiard tables of own production, as well as accessories and spare parts for the billiards from the leading manufacturers of Belgium, Italy, China and Ukraine  - the company "Billiard-Prime" is ready to present you all this and much more.
They say it is impossible to reach the ideal... We do not agree with the apparent belief and, despite everything, we do everything possible to create perfect products. That is why our tables do not only correspond to the demands of the International Committee for the Pyramid (INC) and the European Committee for the pyramid (ETP), but also delight you with interesting design decisions, surprising with their price.
Preserving the eternal traditions we add something new that gives the possibility to present billiards not only as sports and entertainment but to reveal this game.
as art.



Unusual color decision and non-standard approach to the space arrangement of accents create unique style of the billiard table, "Hi-Tech." Its unique design and impeccable workmanship will impress an amateur as well as professional



"Club" – a billiard table design of those has everything necessary: the severity of line and form, wide color spectrum. Frame is made of alder and cushions are made of hard wood that allows combine excellent game quality and an attractive price. This model is perfect for organization of a billiard club.


classic_tabs.jpg The billiard table “Classic” was created in the quest for peace, order, clarity, and harmony. Its delicacy of curves, smoothness and softness of the transitions that have passed through the prism of time became an embodiment of the classics, the relevance of which is beyond doubt


бильярдный стол Днепровский

Connoisseurs of the conservative simplicity will be delighted with the strict geometry of lines and concise form of the table "Dnipro". Moreover, its playing characteristics meet high demands placed on the billiard table. This table will perfectly complement the most sophisticated interior and will delight the true players..

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