Billiard Table Legs

Billiard table rests on its feet with all its weight. Number of the legs-supports depends on a table sizes. As a rule classic models of a not big table (7-10feet) are made with 6 legs, and bigger tables (11-12feet) are made with 8 legs-supports that give the possibility to spread equally the pressure on the floor.
An array of solid wood - oak, walnut, mahogany, ash, alder - is considered to be a perfect material for production of supporting details of the construction of the billiard table – frame, cushions and legs-supports. These wood types give the table the possibility to keep geometry of details in case of temperature and humidity changes.
“Economic” details made of soft wood types – lime and pine, which are less expensive, but they are not characterized with longevity. Such tables need frequent adjustment and repair.

Each leg is equipped with a special bolt for the regulation of the table position.
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