Billiard Table Cushions

The cushions carry the primary impact load, so they are made only of hardwood (birch, ash, oak, mahogany). Their thickness is important for the stability and accuracy of the ball bounce.
From the side of a playfield the cushions are framed with special rubber of a definite profile and specific hardness. Characteristics of the cushion rubber depend on its geometric shape, chemical composition of the rubber compound, the content ratio of natural rubber, vulcanization method, and presence of reinforcing fabric and correctness of their forming.
Rubber hardness depends on the type of the game, as the ball weight differs and the bounce will be unexpected.

The profile of the table rubber must correspond to the balls diameter, which are used for the pyramid, pool and snooker. Otherwise in case of hard stroke there is a possibility of the ball jump off the table or its jump above the surface after its reflection from the cushion.
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