Frame – framework of the billiard table

The main requirements to the frame of a billiard table – it is reliability and solidity, which allows you to withstand the considerable weight of slates (the slates’ weight of the 12 foot table is more than 800kg) and rigidity of the construction - the table should not be loose and change its geometric parameters.

Perfect material for production of bearing parts of the construction - frames, cushions and legs-supports is considered an array of solid wood - oak, ash, walnut, mahogany, alder. These are the wood types that let the table keep the geometry of the parts as long as possible, give an exceptional ability to dampen vibration during the play.

In order to reduce significantly cost of the table combined frames with metal, MDF, moisture resistant plywood are often used. Tables with similar construction can be much cheaper, but they are not characterized with longevity.

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