Furniture for billiard room

Furniture for billiard room

Furniture and interior of the billiard room is determined with its main element – a billiard table.

Although formally a pool table is furniture, but as the game is held on it - the style of the interior and the rest of the furniture is chosen for it. As a good quality billiard table uses the natural slate (Ardeziya), the weight of which is quite big, wooden table elements are made of solid wood. (All models of billiard tables produced by the company “Billiard-Prime” are made of hard wood (bog oak, ash, beech, mahogany, wenge, merbau)!) By tradition, the twilight reigns in the billiard room aided by the dark shades of wood of the billiard furniture and expensive curtains. The color of the furniture should be in harmony with green cloth of the billiard table..

What furniture, except table, is part of the interior of a billiard room?

First of all that is soft furniture – sofas, armchairs and chairs. Billiard chairs in contrast with the ordinary are higher, that gives the possibility to follow the game. It is possible to foresee the special pedestal in the construction of such chairs in order to place legs cozily.


 A bar stand or a small bar may be present as an additional furniture.
Cue racks and ball racks can be related as specific items of furniture. Peculiarity of the interior are billiard lights, which must fully light the playfield, and at the same time maintain pleasant twilight in the room.

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