Classical pyramid

In a game of 'classical pyramid "should be guided by the" General Rules of the Pyramid "and the following rules.

1. The purpose of the game. The first (before the opponent) score 71 or more points.

2. Used balls. A standard set of sixteen billiard balls pyramid: Fifteen white (ivory) balls numbered from 1 to 15, used as a sighting, and one color (preferably yellow) ball without a number, is used as a cue ball.

3. The initial placement of the balls. Before the kick-off fifteen object balls are set in the shape of an equilateral triangle (pyramid) with the top mark on the back table and the base parallel to the rear board. The balls are close to each other in the following order: 1st row - 4 2nd row - 5.6, third row - 7,15,8, 4 th row - 9,14,13,10; 5th row - 2.1, 12, 11.3. The cue ball is in the house.

4. A kick-off (smashing the pyramid). A kick is made from a hand out of the house in accordance with paragraph 11 and paragraph 12, "General Rules of the Pyramid."

5. Rules of the game and keeping score:
5.1. For each correctly pocketed object ball to the player's current account is added the number of points equal to its number, and played for one (Ace) - 11 points. Thus, the total amount of points - 130. By the last remaining on the table object ball, regardless of its rooms added 10 points.
5.2. Before playing the shot must pre-specify a particular object ball and a pocket in which he intends to play it. Order addressed to the judge and must be clear and transparent. Before the strike order can be modified and re-announced. Changing the order in the strike is not allowed.
5.3. When properly potted ordered the ball all the balls that fall into the pockets as a result produced strike count.
5.4. If you fall into a pocket unordered object ball, then put up his game and goes on general grounds.
5.5. In the event of a fall in the pocket or the cue ball Bounce overboard a penalty, and then come into play rival produces a free-kick from the hand of the house in accordance with item 21, "General Rules of the Pyramid."
5.6. For each violation of the current account of the offender is deducted 5 points, and a rival to the current account is added 5 points.
5.7. If each player gaining 70 points, then scored the last object ball is spotted on the foot spot. The right to strike is determined by the subsequent hoax, then the game continues with his hands out and hammered the ball is up, or a fine.
5.8. Any strike (except for the primary) should be completed in full accordance with Section 20, "General Rules of the Pyramid." Otherwise - fine. (Note: In conducting tournaments among veterans of the item by the decision of the organizers of the event can be broken.)

6. Spotting Balls. All illegally pocketed, jumped out and unordered object balls are set in accordance with A.25, "General Rules of the Pyramid."

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