Combined pyramid

In a game of "Combination pyramid" should be guided by "general rules Pyramid" and the following rules.

1. The purpose of the game. The first (before the opponent) score eight points.

2. Used balls. A standard set of sixteen billiard balls pyramid: Fifteen white (ivory) used as a sighting, and one color (preferably yellow) ball without a number, is used as a cue ball.

3. The initial placement of the balls. (See paragraph 8.1 and p.8.2 "General Rules of the Pyramid")

4. A kick-off (smashing the pyramid). A kick is made from a hand out of the house in accordance with paragraph 11 and paragraph 12, "General Rules of the Pyramid."

5. The rules of the game:
5.1. Score in the pocket can be as any object ball and cue ball from any object ball.
5.2. Instead, the downtrodden playing cue on the table removes one of the colored balls of your choice and is entitled to a premium hit cue ball in hand from the home in accordance with paragraph 21 of "General Rules of the Pyramid"
5.3. Declare the order is not required. With the right stroke count all fallen into the pockets balls.
5.4. Any strike (except for the primary) should be completed in full accordance with Section 20, "General Rules of the Pyramid." Otherwise - fine.

6. Account maintenance. For each correctly pocketed ball a player pocketed counts one point. In case of violation of the rules to the current account rival intruder added one point.

7. Penalties for violations. In case of violation of the rules removes the offending contestant on the table every sphere (by choice) and puts it on his shelf. This ball is called a penalty. It was withdrawn after placing all illegally pocketed balls and jumped out.
If the cue ball pocketed or jumped wrong overboard, after removing the free-kick of the ball coming into the game the opponent makes a free-kick from the hand of the house in accordance with paragraph 21 of "General Rules of the Pyramid".

8. Spotting Balls. All illegally pocketed and jumped object balls are set in accordance with Clause 25 of the "General Rules of the Pyramid."

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