Basic technical requirements

President of International Committee of Pyramid Barskov I.A.
President of European Committee of Pyramid Sokolov A.I

 Part I Basic technical requirements applied to the tournament tables (12feet) and equipment for tournaments on billiard sports (Pyramid)

Proceeding from the experience of holding the tournaments on Pyramid and in order to work out general criteria of estimation of billiard tables of different manufacturers International Committee on Pyramid (MCP) and European Committee on Pyramid (ECP) approved “Basic requirements to tournament tables and equipment for competitions on billiard sports (Pyramid)” (see the table).


 Sizes of the bed of the table, mm


3550 х 1775 (±50)

Slate thickness (12 feet) not less than, mm



Table height (upper edge of the slate above the floor level), mm



Height of the working edge of the rubber above the slate, mm

Picture. 1.3.


Tilt angle of the upper surface of the rubber to the bed surface, degrees



Radius of the rubber curve (R1) in the corner pocket, mm

Picture. 1.2.


Radius of the rubber curve (R2) in the middle pockets, mm

Picture. 1.1.

11 ± 1

Length of the channel in the corner pocket, mm

Picture. 1.2.


Length of the channel in the middle pocket, mm

Picture. 1.1.


Mouth width of the corner pocket, mm

Picture. 1.2.


Mouth width of the middle pocket, mm

Picture. 1.1.


Ball diameter, мм

Picture. 1.3.


Recommended ball type


"Aramith Premier"

Recommended cloth for the playfield/ bed


"Simonis" 950 RUS Pro; 760

Demands to the rubber:

elasticity at bounce according to GOST 27110-86 (ST SEV 108-85)

  55% ± 2

hardness according to ISO at GOST 2003-75 (ST SEV 1970-79)

  42 ± 2

Demands to the light:

Picture. 2  

Lighting of the playfield not less than, lux


coverage with the light stream

  zone not narrower than the edges of the corner pockets

Recommended height of the edge of the lamp shade above the bed of the table, mm


Recommended play zone A (distance from the cushions) not less than, mm

Picture. 3 1800
Conditions of holding the tournaments (demands to the premises and environment):

temperature t, °C

  18-22 °С

humidity, %

  60 ± 5% (in case of condensation absence)
sharp temperature and humidity changes are not allowed


Picture. 1
12-feet table. Basic sizes


Picture. 1.1.
Mouth of the central pocket
Picture. 1.2.
Mouth of the corner pocket


Picture. 1d
Vertical cut of the rubber in the pocket


Picture. 1.3.
Scheme of installation of the rubber cushions


Part 2 Comments

Tournament 12-feet tables are recommended to equipped with the hooks for a bridge, triangle and a long cue. They must be installed on the side-bars of the table.
Recommended cloth “Iwan Simonis” of the Belgium company “Wameter S.A.”, the composition of which is: wool/ nylon,% - 70/30, density 370g/sq.m (“950 RUS Pro), density 355g/sq.m (“760”) is the most appropriate cloth for the billiards, as it provides the best roll-out and the coefficient of friction-rolling of the balls. It has guaranteed density (thickness) along the whole area of the playfield.
The Balls “Aramith” of the Belgium company “Saluc”, made of phenolic resin, are recommended because of the following reasons:

  • with the centre of gravity at the centre of the ball, the resulting ultimate balance guarantees perfectly true and accurate roll;
  • calibrated to offer the optimal level of rebound to allow players to fully control the effect of every shot;
  • so homogeneous (its breaking point needs minimum a 5 ton-load)
  • vulnerable to abrasive burn-spots (250 C)
  • Aramith phenolic balls withstand to over 50 times more impacts than other polymer or polyester balls.

    Part 3 Lighting of the playfield

    Taking into account light-technical characteristics and also ergonomic demands the optimal scheme of the billiard light fixture location relatively to the billiard play field taking into account coverage by the light stream not narrower than the corner pockets are shown on the pictures 2.1 and 2.2. Depending on the power of electric lamps used in the light fixtures the height from the edge of the light fixture to the bed of the table differs within 800-1000mm. In case of usage of the lamps (foot candles) of 100W such scheme allows reach even filling of the play surface with the light stream in 300 Lux minimum. In case of location of the light fixture higher than 1000mm above the bed of the table the lighting of the playfield is reduced and inconveniences arise because of getting direct light into eyes at hitting. In case of location of the light fixture lower than 800mm above the bed of the table there is a situation when the lighting of the field is higher than it is necessary in consequence of which the bright patches of the reflected light from the balls interfere the play, zones of the corner pockets can be not lighted, as well as there can be inconveniences connected with touching of the last light fixtures with the sportsman’s head or a cue.

    Picture. 2.1.
    Location of the billiard light

    Picture. 2.2.
    Scheme of the light zones


    PART 4 Play zone

    The concept of the play zone (picture 3) is introduced to provide comfort play during holding the tournaments. This is a zone free of external objects bothering the sportsman during the game. Along the perimeter of the play zone it is possible to place advertizing boards and posters as well as a sports table-rack for balls, information billiard counter, chairs for players. .

    Sizes of the play zone


    PART 5 Equipment for the tournaments

    To hold the tournaments on billiard sports it is necessary to have a sports area with 8 (at least) billiard tables of 12feet size for the pyramid with the lighting above them.
    Here enclosed a recommended list of equipment and accessories per one tournament table
    1. Billiard Table 12feet
    2. Balls set (16pcs)
    3. Sports table-rack (for the balls) (Picture 4)
    4. Billiard score board – Picture 4
    5. Chair for a player (2 pcs)
    6. Bridge
    7. Long Cue
    8. Chalk
    9. Cue Towel
    10. Towel
    11. Cool drink
    12. A Glass for Water (2 pcs)

    Picture 4
    Table-rack and score board


    Uniform of the tournament participants: black pants, white shirt, bow and dark vest. An advertising logo is allowed.

    PART 6 General Sizes of the Bed of Billiard Tables



    Bed of the Table

    Table Sizes


    (3550mm х 1775mm)

    (3840mm х 2060mm)


    (2950mm х 1470mm)

    (3240mm х 1750mm)


    (2540mm х 1270mm)

    (2830mm х 1560mm)


    (2240mm х 1120mm)

    (2530mm х 1410mm)


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