Pool Tables

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Having thoroughly studied the demands of the billiard world, the designers and designers of Billiard-Prime developed models of the Club, Classic, HayTek and Dneprovsky billiard tables, which we are sure to fully satisfy the demand of the billiard market. The billiard table is a table designed for playing billiards. Classic billiard tables consist of the following structural elements: frame, tabletop, base of the playing surface, supports (legs), boards and pockets. Billiard tables have been modified in their design over the centuries. Tables were square, round, hexagonal, without pockets. The most acceptable billiard tables in form were recognized as quadrangular, the length of which is two times the width. Billiard tables today have a size in the range from 1.5 m to 3.5 m. It is recommended that the billiard table be placed in a spacious room - the distance from the edge of the boards to the wall should be at least two meters. The basis of the billiard table should be perfectly smooth. It is made of natural slate, wood or artificial slate. In many ways, billiard tables for the price depend on the composition of the plate - the base of the billiard table. The main requirement for the base is a perfectly smooth surface and high wear resistance. If you decide to purchase a billiard table, then you need to bear in mind that the most expensive part of the billiard table is considered cloth because of its wear. Billiard tables contain another important element - the frame. It ensures the horizontal surface of the playing field and the durability of the billiard table operation. Based on this, the frame is made using special technologies from hardwood. Frame, borta and legs historically made of precious wood. But today the most common material for their manufacture is MDF, which is practically not inferior to wood in terms of quality indicators. Choosing a billiard table you should take into account that each element plays an important role in the quality of the whole structure.